Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hobak Namul

·2 zucchinis
·2 large cloves of garlic, finely minced
·4 tbsp sesame oil
·1 tbsp toasted sesame
·3 tbsp light soy sauce
·1 tbsp gochukaroo
·1 tsp garlic parsley mix
·1 tsp salt
·3 cups water

-peel zucchinis, but leave thin stripes of peel in between (this is
for decorative purposes), discard ends

-slice thinly

-in small pot, add water and salt. Set on high heat to boil

-add zucchini slices into pot, boil for 1 min

-drain and run thru cold water, place into bowl of ice water immediately

·the ice water will stop the zucchini from cooking and wilting, thus preserving a crisp and green exterior.

-in a separate bowl, mix the rest of seasonings

-drain zucchini thoroughly

-add zucchini into bowl of seasoning, toss, cover and refrigerate
until ready to eat

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