Sunday, October 15, 2006

Uni Bab

Uni bab is a quick, easy and delicious way for Uni-lovers to eat Uni (Sea Urchin) under a budget. It's kinda like an upgraded "Egg, Rice & Soy sauce" but definitely not for NON-Uni lovers. As some of you may know, Uni has a very distinct taste that not all people appreciate. But those who do love it do so with a passion. One of my friends called it an orgasm in your mouth. LOL!


1 pack of fresh UNI (sea urchin) from Korean Market (around $9-$10)
1 bowl of steaming hot RICE
1 tbsp SOY SAUCE (more or less, according to preference for "jja"-ness)
1 small handful of crumbled GEEM (roasted & salted seaweed paper)


Just throw all the ingredients on top of the bowl of steaming hot rice and eat slowly to savor the Uni.

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